1632 – 1675, Dutch Painter

Johannes (Jan) Vermeer van Delft is regarded as one of the finest Dutch genre painters, a master of light. However, he was not very well know in his own lifetime and remained forgotten until the end of the 19th century.

Self portrait

Vermeer’s paintings are still lifes with human beings. Paintings with warm colors, soft contrasts without blurring forms, and yet with detailed texture. This unique combination of mellowness and precision makes his paintings impossible to forget.

The quiet beauty in his compositions give us an idea what Vermeer himself felt when he perceived the light flooding through a window, heightening the colors of the scene in front of him.


The kitchen maid, 1660 (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
Girl with a pearl earring, 1665 (Mauritshuis, Den Haag)
The Astronomer, 1668 (Museo del Louvre, Paris)

The kitchen maid
Girl with pearl earring
The Astronomer

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